Count Down


Count Down strengthens a cow’s resistance to harmful bacteria and subsequently helps to reduce the cell count in its milk.

All cows carry bacteria and if the levels are high, they can have an adverse effect on the price you get for your milk.

Through assisting the function of the cow’s liver, CountDown helps to reduce cell counts and improves the cow’s overall health.

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Assists with:
Raising Quality in Milk Yield
Reducing Cell Count
Increasing Liver Function
Improving Overall Health
Fighting Harmful Bacteria
Saving Farmers Money

Application & Dosage
Give 30 ml of Count Down per day or top dress the feed by 30 gms a day.

Count Down is a purely plant-based product. It consists of several herbs without chemical additives. Our combination of scientifically formulated herbal components include:

• Termilia chebula • Achryanthes aspera
• Andrographis paniculata • Tephrosa purpur • Phylanithus niruri • Eclipta alba

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