Cow Tonic


Cow Tonic is a natural product that helps maintain a cow’s immune system

Often cows are very susceptible to picking up toxins, which can lead to many problems with future milking patterns. This change of diet or having just given birth. If the cow gets even slightly down her milking pattern can be affected dramatically.

Cow Tonic strengthens the nutrients, vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates and glucose helping her to increase her deficiencies quickly.

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Assists with:
Helping Regular Milking Patterns
Keeping Cows Healthy
Strengthening the Immune System
Fortifying Essential Nutrients
Replacing Carbohydrates & Glucose
Aiding Digestion
Optimising Hepatic Function


Application and Dosage
Cow Tonic is available in powder or liquid which can be added to the feed. It can be included in water or administered directly into the mouth. It can be mixed with food, water or milk. It comes in 1-litre containers.

Cow Tonic is a purely plant-based product. It consists of several herbs without chemical additives. Our combination of scientifically formulated herbal components include:

Advanced Mycotoxin Binder, High-grade Carbohydrates, Amino Acids

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