Newsells Park Stud is a large successful stud farm, based in Hertfordshire, which breeds thoroughbred horses for racing.  They also prepare young horses for the thoroughbred sales.  It is crucial therefore, that these young horses look and feel at their best before going into the sales.

The yearling manager had recently reported a problem with one of the young horses.  One of the yearlings that had come to the stud this year, in preparation for the August sales suddenly developed large blotches and lumps all over his body.  The lumps caused discomfort and irritation, but the cause of them was unknown.  After consultation with the vet, he was injected with corticosteroids on several occasions.  After each injection, a positive effect was observed, in that the irritation was subdued.  The treatment, however, did not eliminate the condition.  Within a couple of days, the condition was back presenting itself in a worse state than before.

Nothing had changed within the yearling’s diet or stabling, that might have caused such an extreme reaction.  The farm staff were now at a loss to know what was causing the problem and what could cure it.  They did change the bedding to paper (from straw), and were considering changing the feed to see if that would help.  In particular, avoiding feedstuffs known to cause intolerances e.g. soya oil and keeping everything simple by feeding straights. In the end, this was not necessary.

Julian reports

“My wife had tried Remount on her horse that had a few lumps with some success, so I bought another bottle to try on this yearling.  I didn’t really expect it to work, but in desperation wanted to try something and the idea of cleaning out this yearling’s system from within made sense.  We started the yearling on the loading dose and after two days and 4 doses, the condition had completely cleared.  When my yearling manager told me, I did not believe him, and yet the condition had completely cleared and has shown no signs of returning.  I am completely stunned, but will certainly look to this product to help and yearling that is not thriving or looking its best in its coat.  Cleaning out the horse’s liver and ridding the individual of any toxins in its blood is something that makes sense and if it can help some horses, it will prove a massive benefit to our operation.

I am delighted to have discovered Remount and indeed the potential of other Ron Fields equine products.  Any useful ‘tools’ that we can have at our disposal that can keep our horses in the best condition possible are to be welcomed.”

Julian Dollar

General Manager, Newsells Park Stud Limited, Herts

Hi Ron,

 Just thought i would give you an update on Harley (the horse). We started him on the ulc30EX and silent4 on weds morning. He had a lesson with my daughter on Thursday morning. After only 3 doses, he is a completely different horse. For the first time ever she was able to put her leg on without him shooting off! He did trotting poles calmly without him trying to jump them and galloping off! We still have a way to go but i can’t believe the difference. Can’t believe it’s the same horse!! Thank you.


Ron. My instructor, Natalie Chapman, recently received her Ulc30ex  Plus sample from you and felt that my horse needed it more urgently than hers. We started to give it to him on Friday afternoon and did not see any great results over the weekend. However, on Tuesday he looked much brighter in his stable, was less agitated and allowed me to groom him all over without too much fuss. He was still a little bit guarded when ridden. Today I caught him fast asleep in his stable – the first time I have ever seen him with his eyes actually shut, an incident with a horse pulling back and breaking a lead rope caused him to jump, but there was no over –reaction (in fact less that I would expect from most horses) and he had a real spring in his step when ridden. His eyes look brighter and he is actually becoming lovely to be around. I can only put this down to the Ulc30ex Plus. I did email you to ask if I should still be giving him Tranquil, which contains Verbena, but have not yet heard from you so have carried on. It seems to be OK, but I am wondering if he might be able to come off it naturally after a week or two anyway. I have ordered more Ul30ex Plus from your website and am looking forward to some happy riding with my boy.
Thank you so much

Caroline Every

When using Feed Up I saw a much better growth rate that continued even after we withdrew it from their ration. This is because feeding milk to a calf is temporary and the best growth rates are obtained when they are on a good ration with the rumen working well

Dr Roger Long

1994 Calf Rearer of the Year

My horse is a nightmare at dressage competitions; at home he is quiet and easy to train with fabulous paces and lots of ability. At competitions it?s a different story, he gets so over excited and sometimes almost uncontrollable making it very hard to ride him in a test.

Since using Silent 4 he is calmer and more concentrated making him a pleasure to ride in a dressage test. Now I can actually ride him and produce his best work. Whilst using Silent 4 he got the best dressage score at his 3rd Intro completing the competition with a first. Now I feed him Silent 4 for 4 days before every competition, and it doesn’t impair his performance or make him drowsy.

I Lee

Trainer, Hereford

We always knew that Out The Gap was a good horse but for two years he did not seem to be in good form. We decided to go the herbal route with him using Remount and the results were amazing. Since then he has won in Listowel and Galway and finished second in a Listed hurdle race. I am delighted we used remount and would recommend it without reservation.

Colman Hennessey

Trainer, Cork

Just to say how delighted I am with your silent 4 tablets, my border collie dog was very nervous in the show ring but since it has been on your tablets he is a calmer dog and there is no problem with the judge going over him. He has been placed several times and gained a 1st place in a large class at a recent championship show.

Mrs L D Paipala

Cottingley Bar, West Yorks

Ron, we had a foal that we had to lift up to the horse so it could feed. After you suggested to give it Kickstart within 10 minutes he was running around the field. What a lovely surprise to see him go and what a sight to see him suckle on his own.”

Owner, Ashgrove Stud

Prior to trying Ron’s, UlcerX30+ treatment my mare Pepper, was showing sure signs of discomfort, which I believe from her symptoms, were a result of ulcers.

Pepper was very uncomfortable in the girth and lower back/pelvic area. When being saddled she would put her ears back and swish her tail. And at times she would stamp her feet. Once she was saddled she would arch her back and try to jolt forward as if running away from pain. Then when I tried to mount she would kick out at me as if to tell me not to get on, then when i was on she would sometimes try and bite my feet.

Ron gave me the opportunity to trial his UlcerX30+ solution on Pepper to see if it would ease her symptoms. I fed it to her as advised 2x daily for the first three days then lowered the dose to 1 x daily after that. Days 3-4 the symptoms were a lot less, with Pepper only slightly swishing her tail when I took her saddle off after being ridden, nothing before. Then by day 5, Peppers symptoms had all vanished. She was completely back to normal.

We actually went away competing two weeks after we had started the trail and came away with lots of ribbons. We even won ridden champion of the whole show and reserve supreme, had Pepper not felt comfortable, I am certain she would not have performed so well.

I would more than recommend Ron’s products to pet owners. Ron seems to have a sound knowledge when it comes to horses and their ailments and how to treat them”


Catherine Henderson

Consett, County Durham

“Our results with Nomonia were so good I decided to conduct a proper trial over a period of 11 weeks. I was extremely impressed with the results”

Dr Roger Long

1994 Calf Rearer of the Year

Carried out a specific test on individual cows with high cell counts. He gave 30 ml a day for a week, this reduced cell count by 50%. One week later without Count Down the cell count was back up.”

Mike Hallett

Crewe, Cheshire

I see racehorses in the Curragh area showing signs such as poor form, lack of thrive, reduced appetite and water intake, consequently, they are impossible to train. I have found that UL30REX supplement dramatically improves appetite and water intake in a few days. I have also used UL30REX supplement on sick foals in our veterinary hospital and have found it of great benefit in maintaining normal stomach functions.

Paul Traynor

Stable Owner, UK

A year ago, Marinka’s horse, Gwen became very unwell. She had lost a lot of weight, her coat quality was poor and she was unhappy. She was sore to touch all over her body and kicked out when Marinka tried to touch her. It was out of character and very worrying for her owner as she did not know what was wrong.

Marinka called the vet and they took a blood test to check for liver function. A properly functioning liver is essential to a healthy horse. The test looks at the levels of enzymes and proteins in the blood.  High results suggest a dysfunctional liver or one that may be diseased.  The results of this first blood test showed elevated levels of all markers. Gwen was then sent to the veterinary hospital in Utrecht for a liver biopsy and a scan. The results eventually showed  that Gwen was suffering from hepatitis and a bacterial infection.

Gwen was treated with steroids and antibiotics.  Initially this treatment helped ease her symptoms, but the condition persisted. The treatment was then repeated but it failed to show any improvement in Gwen’s condition. More bloods were taken and the results showed the levels of the markers to be even higher (results are available on request).

As Gwen already had the treatment available, no more could be given to her so she was sent home to rest and be given good nutrition. Unfortunately no improvement was been seen in Gwen.

Luckily Marinka came across information about Remount.  After speaking with Ron who advised her on the dosage and treatment time, Marinka started to see improvements in her horse’s demeanour.

Says Marinka:

“Gwen still has some muscle pain, but with careful warm up this goes away. She still has some bad days, but overall the majority of the days are good. She is now friendly and fit, you can see it in her eyes.  We can do normal work like jumping and dressage. She no longer has any medication, only Remount.

I am so happy. Thank you Ron”

Marinka de Haan

Manager, Netherlands

A top vet says…. “I see racehorses in the Curragh area showing signs such as poor form, lack of thrive, reduced appetite and water intake, consequently they are impossible to train. These horses are normal on clinical and diagnostic tests and I have found that ULC30-EX Plus supplement dramatically assisted the appetite and water intake in a few days. I have also used ULC30ex plus supplement on foals in our veterinary hospital and have found it of great benefit in maintaining normal stomach functions.”

Paul Traynor, MRCVS,

Grey Abbey veterinary Hospital, Kildare Town

Many thanks for your help regarding the ‘ULc30Ex Plus’ and ‘Remount’. All are responding well to the Remount and signs are good. I found the information you supplied me with very interesting and helpful.

Sally Sandesm

Kingstone Lisle Farm, Oxon

Scourcease being an Organically approved product has helped a lot”

Neil Lethbridge


“Since introducing Cow Tonic to our herd we have found that the animals have had a noticeable spring in their step and have provided us with much more milk”

Steve McDonald